monster shots

Some obsessions are short lived, others only fuel greater obsessions. My monster shot glasses from Munktiki are in the later category. Aren't they cool? It's hard to say which one is my favorite, I guess it depends on my mood. You can purchase your own here. Be sure not to miss the stacking mug sets. Imaginative and just plain wacky. Each is full of wise-crack humor and yet is exquisitely crafted - which is not an easy thing to pull off .


ALTARED @ Creative Growth

Join Creative Growth for ALTARED as they honor Dia de Los Muertos and Halloween - Creative Growth style. Find original artwork inspired by these fall celebrations, bring a photo or offering to add to the gallery altar, dress up, eat way too much candy and dance to the seasonal sounds of DJ Fingerlust (Julio Cesar Morales). Also, don't miss the premiere of the newest Creative Growth video project!

Opening Night: Thursday, October 30th, 5 to 8pm
Show runs October 30th through November 21st, 2008.

Creative Growth Art Center
355 24th Street, Oakland, CA 94612

Gallery Hours: Monday through Friday 11-5pm
Show also open Saturday, November 1st.

Creative Growth is an art studio and gallery that serves artists with developmental, mental and physical disabilities. An environment for artistic instruction, gallery promotion and personal expression. Works by Creative Growth artists can be found in collections and museums around the world.



Spectacle: a chandelier created from discarded prescription eyeglasses by Stuart Haygarth (2006). Definitely wowed by the photo, but know we are missing out on the vibrancy of the light shinning through the lenses. It is said, that as the light is refracted through the several layers of lenses & various prescriptions that it creates a"mirrored ball" effect - which would be impressive to see.


DIY: black vinyl papel picado tabelcloth

A black vinyl version of the papel picado banners! Translated into a reuseable tablecloth is such a brilliant idea. I love the layering of the two cloths to give it that extra punch - it really shows off all the details. Visit the anticraft and download the tutorial to make your own!


handmade nation trailer

Have you seen the movie trailer yet??? (Go take a peek, I'll wait.) Scheduled for release in 2009, the documentary is the companion to Faythe Levine and Courtney Heimerl's recently released book of the same name. In it, they travel the country to paint a portrait of the rise of the DIY craft movement. Capturing the essence of this tight-knit community that has developed through websites, blogs and on-line shops and illustrating how it connects back with the greater public. A seemingly odd cocktail that combines historical techniques, punk, DIY ethos with traditional handiwork, modern aesthetics, politics, feminism & art. A seemingly odd cocktail, perhaps - but one that feels familiar and comforting. Handmade Nation shares a story about creativity, collaboration and determination. To learn more click here and here.


Ira Glass talks about the process

Found these words comforting. Thought I'd share. Thanks Ira!


sound wave

"Sound Wave" (2007) by Jean Shin
5.2 ft h x 9 ft w x 10.25 ft d

Working with cast-off objects, Jean Shin blurs the boundary between abstraction and representation. In her own words, Jean describes how her "work speaks of the optimism inherent in giving new form to life’s leftovers." Seeking "to recall an object’s past, as well as suggest its greater connection to our collective memories, desires and failures." Check out her website - her work is exquisite!

Source: NY Times article on the "Second Lives" exhibit @ the Museum of Arts and Design in NYC. If you are in the area, I urge you to go.


cotton monsters

With their vibrant colors, bulging eyes and large teeth, Cotton Monsters are both imposing and lovable. Jennifer Strunge is the spirit behind these cuddly gap-toothed monsters. Big or small, each monster is handmade from recycled materials and evolves intuitively without patterns - so no two are ever exactly alike. The Cotton Monster shop is usually sold out, but she posts often so, be sure to check back from time to time - you just might get lucky and be able to snag one for your very own!


Fibrocosm @ Creativity Explored

Check out the postcard that arrived announcing the Fibrocosm show opening THIS THURSDAY @ Creativity Explored. Creativity Explored is a nonprofit art center where artists with developmental disabilities create, exhibit, and sell art. Creativity Explored openings are always lots of fun, with a chance to meet some of the artists and live music. This exhibit goes beyond the wearable textiles to explore the possibilities of fiber-based sculpture, quilting, weaving, silk painting, and other surface design techniques. Many of the artists showing pieces in this exhibition delved into fiber arts for the first time. Don't miss this one!

Creativity Explored
3245 16th Street, San Francisco
Opening Reception: Thursday, October 9th, from 7-9 pm.
The show runs October 9th - November 19th.


spoon guitar

From the Karoo region in South Africa, Hannes Coetzee is mainly known for his unique playing technique using a spoon in his mouth to play slide guitar. A technique called optel and knyp. You can learn and hear more in David Kramer's documentary Karoo Kitaar Blues (2003). And by clicking here & here.


Steve the Chicken

"Steve the Chicken" was my first exposure to the photos of Kevin German (which can be purchased through Photoshelter). This single black & white image made a big impression on me. You can almost "feel" the squeeze of the little girl's hug around that chicken. How can you not smile? Again and again, I was drawn back to this image. Obviously, I needed to see more of his photographs. I admire how he is able to capture the essence of a moment and make the viewer feel that the image being seen is a snapshot from their own memory. Very powerful narrations. You can see more of Kevin's photos here and here. Kevin moved to Vietnam in 2008 & documents his travels though out South East Asia. You can follow his travels on his blog, Wandering Light.


California Academy of Sciences

Here's a few photos from the new California Academy of Sciences party the other night - just a a little peek, you'll have to visit to see more. The new building is indeed breath taking. With a four-story rain forest, aquarium, planetarium and natural history museum under a living roof - it is impossible to take it ALL in just one visit. Highlights of this visit: walking on the living roof, the colorful poison frogs, watching a crab climb up a rope, the tiny turtles, a giant bass, the moon jelly fish... Unknowingly, we stayed long past closing. Sitting on the floor watching the moon jelly fish alone in the dark (until the guard found us). What a way to end an amazing evening!


suspicious vans

Suspicious Vans - Some things just speak for themselves!


gathered together

gathered together 2009 calendar

This is the 4th calendar collaboration between Jill Bliss & Saelee Oh. Incorporating paper cut-outs, drawings, scraps of fabric, clay, bits of nature and other random objects into sweet little staged vignettes. Beautifully photographed. Great colors. The project explores the theme of "keeping a float" and you can learn more if you visit the website and can be purchased on-line directly from the artists: here and here.

My favorite page are February, July & October.

When I see these images, I can't be help imagine the elements IN MOTION! Imagine the the paper waves gently moving in the last January while the images on the strings dipped in and out of the water. October's sea monster swim across or the turtle in February... (I love that turtle.) July would be really fun to to animate and see the story evolve. Each page has a narration that when you close your eyes you can almost see them move...