Creativity Explored: Holiday 2008 Sale

Creativity Explored’s Annual Holiday Art Sale is happening this weekend. With one-of-a-kind paintings, pen & ink drawings, ceramics, sculptures, and textiles by over 100 artists it will be hard to choose. It is a great opportunity to get that piece you've been hoping for or pick ups some unique holiday gifts at some bargain prices. And, since half of the proceeds from the sale of each artwork go directly to the studio artists, you can feel good about your purchases!

Creativity Explored
3245 16th Street, San Francisco (on 16th @Guerrero Street)
Opening Reception: Friday, Dec 5th, 6pm - 9pm
Opening Weekend: Saturday & Sunday, Dec 6 & 7, 2008, 1pm - 6pm
The show runs through: Dec 5th through Dec 30th - but the best pieces will sell out fast!

Creativity Explored was founded in 1983 by Florence and Elias Katz, on the principle that all people have the ability to create, and that visual artistic expression is a viable means to self-growth. Since that date, people with disabilities working at Creativity Explored have established themselves as talented artists making significant contributions to the Bay Area.


Trip to Seattle

Sorry for the lapse in posting, we were on a short vacation in Seattle. Lured by a surprise birthday party and free pace to stay, we found cheap tickets and off we went. The timing worked out so we could check out a vintage car my brother was interested in purchasing: a 1968, 2 door Volvo 122 s. Managed once again to have sunny weather in Seattle, eat too much food and over all have lots of fun. And yes, we bought the car (or I should say, we okayed the purchase for my brother). The car is a beauty - can't wait until it arrives! (More on that as it develops.)


twisted produce stickers

Reveling the hidden beauty in disposable materials, Rachel Perry Welty challenges our perception and perspective on value. Coaxing overlooked parts of daily life by reintroducing them into new forms that ask us to look again. Her meticulously crafted designs address complex themes of domesticity, identity, privacy and language with potency, grace, humor and whimsy – all out of disposable, ordinary materials such as twist ties, cash register receipts, medical records, food boxes, price tags and produce stickers.
Her current work centers around these scribbles images constructed from twisted produce stickers. I love their organic-geometric flow, small pops of color and how words are turned into repetitive textures. The twists and turns of these collages remind me of how the shadows play with a Calder mobile.

Perhaps what I am drawn to most is how Welty makes a connection that floats around you and entwines with your own thinking. You become more aware, not in a doom ‘n gloom sort of way, but rather more conscious of your choices than before. Some how more connected to their existence and their possibilities.

Source: Ready Made


Debi van Zyl

The knitted creatures by Debi van Zyl always make me smile. Their hand knit texture and vintage buttons makes them feel cozy and familiar. Funny, simple proportions, stripes and great color combinations mix up the familiar with something a little unexpected and more playful. The perfect combination. Visit her blog or her shop to see more.


fly on the wall: circular painting

Circular Painting from Fly on the Wall on Vimeo.

The theme was the environment and the artist's responses to it. Filmed in South Africa by Fly on the Wall for the Discovery Channel. Numerous street artists, musicians, painters and animators contributed to the cause over a non-stop 12 hour period to make the 2 minute film.


The end is nigh

Check out this auction at Christie's. Page through or search for the Clash, Ramones, LA flyers, Sex Pistols, etc. Your closet may be a better retirement plan than your 401k.


Lucha Robots

"When robots create their own super heroes..."

Amy Bean of Cozy Rampage creates the amazing Lucha Robots. I snatched up a few last weekend at the You Bizarre! craft show in San Francisco. I first fell for their silver spandex, exaggerated proportions and little lucha masks on-line. Their proportions fit together like futuristic puzzle pieces. It was much to my surprise that I could loved them even MORE in person. If only my camera wasn't broken - it would have been a great snapshot to see all the robots crammed into the mini wrestling pins - it made you want to dive right in. And the new space apes are fantastic. I must have seemed like such a spaz - it was IMPOSSIBLE to choose! In the end I came home with four. Amy was so generous, she gave me an extra one so I could have tag team wrestling matches at home. (Thank you Amy!) To get your own, visit Amy's etsy shop.


Plush You! @ Double Punch

THIS FRIDAY, Over 100 artists exhibit their plush and art @ Double Punch Gallery. Plush You! is an annual exhibit that showcases plush creations from artists all over the globe. The brain-child of Kristen Rask, owner and curator of Schmancy where the first exhibit was held in 2005 and has continued to grow and grow ever since. This year (I am so excited!), a second 2008 show is scheduled @ Double Punch Gallery in San Francisco in addition to the October Seattle show @ Schmancy.

Double Punch
1821 Powell Street @ Filbert, San Francisco
(North Beach)

Opening reception: Friday, Nov 7th, 2008 - 6pm to Midnight
Show runs Nov 7th through Nov 30th.


Diem Chau @ Mark Wolfe Contemporary

The date I've been waiting for is almost here! Diem Chau's opening @ The Mark Wolfe Contemporary is THIS THURSDAY, November 6th. See my previous post for details and more images of Diem Chau's work. Be sure not to miss the opportunity to see these pieces in person.

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 6th, 2008 @ 5:30 - 7:30 pm
(part of First Thursday gallery night in San Francisco)

Exhibition runs: November 6th through December 24th, 2008
Bay Area artist Danielle Giudici Wallis and Seattle-based Diem Chau.

Mark Wolfe Contemporary Art
49 Geary Street, Second Floor - Suite 202
San Francisco, CA 94108


Elvis & the Pirate

Tonight is the Dia de Los Muertos procession in San Francisco. The San Francisco procession is the oldest in our nation and is particularly unique to its urban environment. If you've never been, you really should check it out. You'll never forget the experience. Be sure to bring candles and extra matches. For years, my husband and I have created giant paper mache masks to participate. Since we did not get a chance to make them this year, I am posting our favorites from 2005. All the details on the pirate are glitter, so they sparkle in the flickering candle light.

Grab your 3D glasses to see this one!
Photo courtesy of Rommel Jamias
Click here for free 3D glasses.


Truth in Prato, Italy

Because it rained ALL DAY today...

We haven't had rain like this all year and really needed it. I choose this image because it was happy and unexpected. More works by Truth can be found here. This one is in Prato, Italy.