The Peace Symbol

Ever wonder about the origin of the peace symbol? If you are like me, it has just “always been there” - like one of the the letters of the alphabet. This year the peace symbol turned 50 and I found its story inspiring.

First hand painted on banners and ceramic badges as a symbol to protest against nuclear armament in 1958. Quickly, it spread around the world and within ten years had become the international symbol of peace. To read more about the peace symbol's history, click here and here.

Around the globe, regardless of race or religious beliefs, millions have looked to the peace symbol to unite them. Becoming a cultural icon, the symbol is probably the most commonly used non-religious symbol of hope around the world - instantly recognized anywhere as the universal sign for PEACE.

Quite an impressive accomplishment for a little stick-figure image. Peace.


The Dirt Daubers play "Wayfaring Stranger"


The Latke Who Couldn't Stop Screaming

So, last night I was introduced to this wonderful little book: The Latke Who Couldn't Stop Screaming written by Lemony Snicket and illustrated by Lisa Brown. (Not having kids, being Jewish or celebrating Christmas, we sometimes miss gems like these.) This deceptively simple, little book teaches the listeners about Hanukah all though the eyes of a particularly irate latke who runs down the street after jumping out of a hot frying pan. On this last night of the Festival of Lights, if you haven't read this intelligent, funny little book - please go out, find yourself a copy - learn a little and have a good laugh.



X'mass-a-go-go, Off to grandma's we a-go-go. Back after the weekend.

To check out more great vintage album covers visit LP Cover Lover.


Gem Sweater Lady

So, sometimes you just assume that EVERYONE has been exposed to all the same stuff you have, especially when you have a lot in common. But then, in middle of a conversation, you realize the person you are talking with SOME HOW hasn't. In just that breath everything STOPS. "How could anyone miss the Gem Sweater Lady???" I was stumped.

Just in case you too SOME HOW missed that email from your friend with the link for the Gem Sweater Museum or perhaps this Leslie and the Lys' video (shown below) - you have now been exposed. Both are outrageous, hilarious and a bit confusing.

Perhaps you're in the know, but when was the last time you looked at the gem sweaters? My, how the collection has grown! With no further delay, I introduce to you Leslie Hall, the Gem Sweater Lady.

Self declared “Keeper of the Gems”, Leslie takes her collection very seriously. Each sweater is given a name and now there in a Mobile Gem Sweater Museum. Check out her band’s website, Leslie and the Lys, to see when the museum rolls into your town.

Just in time for the holidays! Get your Gem on.



Love the cover of this old Ed Embergley's drawing book.
The colors and the simple shapes of the monsters are great.
(image found on fast-times' flicker collection)


drawing with light

Pablo Picasso - Drawing With Light. (1949, France)
Photographed by Gjon Mili for Life Magazine.
Spotted on fffound.


My Things, No.5

My Things, No. 5 by Hong Hao, 2002 - Digital Photograph

Utilizing a scanner as his "camera", Hong Hao arranges thousands of scanned images of common-day, ordinary objects into these amazing compositions. Check out more of these here.



Perhaps you are still looking for a good idea for this year's holiday party?
Or maybe you just need a good laugh. In either case, check out: Sleeveface.


Everyday Monuments

So, I received a LOT of excited emails from you responding to my post about Jean Shim's Sound Wave in October. Well, I received an email the other day from Jean about the current project she is working on and I thought I'd share. This one sounds like fun!

Jean is currently collecting thousands of old trophies* for an upcoming art installation for the Smithsonian Museum: “Everyday Monuments.” Each donated trophy will be transformed by altering its figure’s pose to resemble the movements of everyday tasks and then incorporated into a large‐scale art installation. You can participate in this unique project by donating old trophies. To find out more information & download the donation form click here.

The form includes information on the Washington DC drop offs (due DECEMBER 13th), but if an alternative location in New York City or elsewhere if preferable, please contact the artist at info@jeanshin.com. For more information about Jean Shin, go to www.jeanshin.com.

“Everyday Monuments” will be a special installation at the Smithsonian American Art Museum on view May 1 – July 26, 2009.

*Please note that donated trophies will become a permanent part of the work of art, and will not be returned to the owner. The artist is solely interested in trophies with figurines.


In search of Ray Fenwick

So, it seems I have been searching for a man I have never met and never even knew existed: Ray Fenwick. That may sound a little weird, so let me back up and explain...
Sometime back, I feel completely head over heals for this image. It is hysterical. Imagine it on a very feminine garment, maybe with a little lace and printed a little smaller. WHARRGH! UGH. SLICE. HURRAH! How can you not laugh?

Being a commercial textile designer, it goes without saying that I see a lot of patterns in my line of work and it can be darn hard to impress me, but this one sure did. Knocked my socks off in fact. Time passed and I became obsessed: WHERE had I found the image? And even more, WHO had created it? I was at a lost and yet it had become so much apart of my day-to day life. It made me happy and no one I asked knew the answer. (It was sad.)

Time passed and then yesterday, thumbing through the book Over & Over (a book I thought I knew, but OBVIOUSLY didn't), I found my answer: Ray Fenwick! The print covered 2 pages in a different colorway, but there it was! Nearly jumped out of my skin!

I feel more complete knowing who had created the image that brought me so many laughs.

Be sure to check out more of his artwork, he's got a great sense of humor. My favorite are the small moments that occur in the patterns, graphics and posters - all straight to the point without too many words. Ray Fenwick, it is nice to finally met you. Thanks for making me laugh so much.


the Consumption Issue

In time for the holiday season, the latest issue of Mankind Mag is available on-line. This issue centers around Consumption. The questions are not heavy handed, it makes you laugh and rethink. The first page begins with a small note from the cover artist Gemma Correll. And like me, she thinks of herself as one of those who doesn't by very much, but decided to create a log of her purchases to see what she really buys. The cover is a result of chronicling those purchases.

The e-zine describes it intentions as, "In the following pages, you'll hear from artists and designers from all over the globe, dishing about what they purchase, how much they spend and why consumerism is such an issue. Stay tuned--- and be aware. Inspiration is bound to hit at any moment..."

Be sure to check out the article on page 6 about the cardboard box's recent induction into the National Toy Hall of Fame. And page 14's "Consumption is not a Religion" piece by Okat. And page 16, Rebecca Horwood's piece on "happy packaging". Kate Zander brings up a interesting point in her piece anticipating new art coming from these "dark ages". Check out Tara Donovan's styrofoam cup installations (page 25 & 26). Wow... Over all, way too much to list and lots of great artists to check out. Like the e-zine says, "Stay tuned--- and be aware. Inspiration is bound to hit at any moment..."


DIY: build a little house with Ashley G

Visit Ashley G's blog for complete details. Fun!
Check out her etsy shop for more of her artwork.


Creative Growth: Holiday Studio Extravaganza 2008

Whether you're an art lover, a bargain hunter, or just looking for a great way to "give back to the community" (remember: each purchase supports Creative Growth's programs for artists with disabilities), you won't want to miss the holiday studio extravaganza! This kind of sale only happens once a year and you won't believe the prices on one-of-a-kind ceramics, wood, rugs, pillows, textiles, softies, bags, furniture, prints, drawings, paintings and much, much more.

Year End Studio Sale Opening Party: Friday, Dec 5th. 5:30 - 8pm. Artwork, holiday treats and music by Baguette Quartet.

Also open Saturdays for Holiday shopping: December 6th, 13th & 20th. 11 - 4pm. Regular Gallery Hours: Monday through Friday. 11 - 5pm.

Creative Growth Art Center
355 24th Street, Oakland, CA 94612

Creative Growth is an art studio and gallery that serves artists with developmental, mental and physical disabilities. An environment for artistic instruction, gallery promotion and personal expression. Works by Creative Growth artists can be found in collections and museums around the world. In June 2008, Creative Growth opened a new art gallery in Paris, exhibiting the artwork of artists with disabilities, self-taught artists and contemporary artists from around the world.


microscopes are so cool

Images of very tiny things - microscopes are so cool!
(Be sure to click on the images above to really enjoy the details. )
I get lost looking at these. Aren't they amazing?

To see more images of very tiny things and learn what they are click here.