gathered together

gathered together 2009 calendar

This is the 4th calendar collaboration between Jill Bliss & Saelee Oh. Incorporating paper cut-outs, drawings, scraps of fabric, clay, bits of nature and other random objects into sweet little staged vignettes. Beautifully photographed. Great colors. The project explores the theme of "keeping a float" and you can learn more if you visit the website and can be purchased on-line directly from the artists: here and here.

My favorite page are February, July & October.

When I see these images, I can't be help imagine the elements IN MOTION! Imagine the the paper waves gently moving in the last January while the images on the strings dipped in and out of the water. October's sea monster swim across or the turtle in February... (I love that turtle.) July would be really fun to to animate and see the story evolve. Each page has a narration that when you close your eyes you can almost see them move...

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