eye popping monsters

Anyone know more information about these guys? My searching on-line has turned up very little. They're called "i pop monsters" and are from Schylling. Aren't they fantastic? They make me laugh.


Anonymous said...

My kids and I just came from a trip to Peninsula Beauty Supply in Palo Alto where they bought several of these. In addition to the two you have pictured, they got a cow, a pig, and a couple of other monsters. I agree - they make me smile too, and my kids adore them! Funny, but I can't find anything about them online either - not even on Schylling's website.

head-lint said...

M -
You found MORE?!?!? Oh, you are very lucky indeed. Thanks for letting me know, I will continue to search.
Perhaps I will have to take a trip down to Palo Alto.....