William Scott's Good Person opens in NY

A solo exhibition of William Scott's paintings and text works
March 10 - April 28, 2009
Opening: March 10, 6-8pm
White Columns, New York
320 West 13th Street (Enter on Horatio Street, between Hudson & 8th Avenue)

If you are in the area, please go check out the amazing drawings of William Scott @ White Columns in New York - You're in for a treat.

William is a self taught artist @ Creative Growth and is constantly drawing and sculpting. All of his projects are ambitious & deeply optimistic. He creates incredibly beautiful & strong female figures out of clay and paper mache. Looking at them, you can feel the admiration he has for these individuals. For many years William has been working on an ongoing urban planning project that re-imagines & rebuilds the city of San Francisco as a city of hope. His drawings are meticulous in detail with incredible accuracy despite being filled with imaginary buildings and idealized landmarks. Looking over the drawn plans you can immediately identify where you are standing. Public and private realities are combined seamlessly into a single landscape as he strives to create peaceful environments for everyone with hope and good will. The stories he tells are fantastic and the cities he builds are wonderful to visit.

Based in Oakland CA and established in the early 70's, Creative Growth is an art studio and gallery that serves artists with developmental, mental and physical disabilities. An environment for artistic instruction, gallery promotion and personal expression. Works by Creative Growth artists can be found in collections and museums around the world.

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