Lucha Robots

"When robots create their own super heroes..."

Amy Bean of Cozy Rampage creates the amazing Lucha Robots. I snatched up a few last weekend at the You Bizarre! craft show in San Francisco. I first fell for their silver spandex, exaggerated proportions and little lucha masks on-line. Their proportions fit together like futuristic puzzle pieces. It was much to my surprise that I could loved them even MORE in person. If only my camera wasn't broken - it would have been a great snapshot to see all the robots crammed into the mini wrestling pins - it made you want to dive right in. And the new space apes are fantastic. I must have seemed like such a spaz - it was IMPOSSIBLE to choose! In the end I came home with four. Amy was so generous, she gave me an extra one so I could have tag team wrestling matches at home. (Thank you Amy!) To get your own, visit Amy's etsy shop.

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