twisted produce stickers

Reveling the hidden beauty in disposable materials, Rachel Perry Welty challenges our perception and perspective on value. Coaxing overlooked parts of daily life by reintroducing them into new forms that ask us to look again. Her meticulously crafted designs address complex themes of domesticity, identity, privacy and language with potency, grace, humor and whimsy – all out of disposable, ordinary materials such as twist ties, cash register receipts, medical records, food boxes, price tags and produce stickers.
Her current work centers around these scribbles images constructed from twisted produce stickers. I love their organic-geometric flow, small pops of color and how words are turned into repetitive textures. The twists and turns of these collages remind me of how the shadows play with a Calder mobile.

Perhaps what I am drawn to most is how Welty makes a connection that floats around you and entwines with your own thinking. You become more aware, not in a doom ‘n gloom sort of way, but rather more conscious of your choices than before. Some how more connected to their existence and their possibilities.

Source: Ready Made

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