bricks that hold beer

1963 - Heineken beer bottle design

Alfred Heineken and architect John Habraken designed these wonderful “bricks that hold beer” in 1963. An eco-design well ahead of its time: A beer bottle designed in the shape of an interlocking brick to reduce waste and provide building materials. Brilliant. It is too bad this concept didn't take off. Perhaps we're ready today and with any hope more companies will revisit this reusable packaging concept.

Aren't they beautiful?

(you can learn more here.)


Jon Wulff said...

That's an awesome concept, that never took off! I love it. If I lived in a house, built with those bricks, I'd NEVER leave home! Cheers! :)

Marmadas said...

I think they would make a beautiful building... It would be magical how the light would play off the bottles.