first broccoli

Look what I found hiding in the garden today! Our first broccoli of the season. As a mid-western transplant, I LOVE being able to have some sort of vegetables growing in the garden year round. It never cease to amaze me. Growing broccoli is one of my favorites. It's fun to watch and taste so yummy. So far I've only been able to find heirloom varieties in the garden. And they taste SO MUCH better. Maybe someday soon they'll start showing up at the farmer's markets like heirloom tomatoes. A few of my chef friends have told me some of the fancy restaurants in San Francisco have started reviving heirloom varieties of broccoli, so keep your eyes open when you read those menus and ask at your local farmer's market. This year we planted "Diplomat" and I can't wait to taste it. One of my favorites is "Di Cicco" - it grows well in Northern California, disease & mildew resistant (something of a concern in our damp climate), plus it sends out many side shoots and taste divine.

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