the Consumption Issue

In time for the holiday season, the latest issue of Mankind Mag is available on-line. This issue centers around Consumption. The questions are not heavy handed, it makes you laugh and rethink. The first page begins with a small note from the cover artist Gemma Correll. And like me, she thinks of herself as one of those who doesn't by very much, but decided to create a log of her purchases to see what she really buys. The cover is a result of chronicling those purchases.

The e-zine describes it intentions as, "In the following pages, you'll hear from artists and designers from all over the globe, dishing about what they purchase, how much they spend and why consumerism is such an issue. Stay tuned--- and be aware. Inspiration is bound to hit at any moment..."

Be sure to check out the article on page 6 about the cardboard box's recent induction into the National Toy Hall of Fame. And page 14's "Consumption is not a Religion" piece by Okat. And page 16, Rebecca Horwood's piece on "happy packaging". Kate Zander brings up a interesting point in her piece anticipating new art coming from these "dark ages". Check out Tara Donovan's styrofoam cup installations (page 25 & 26). Wow... Over all, way too much to list and lots of great artists to check out. Like the e-zine says, "Stay tuned--- and be aware. Inspiration is bound to hit at any moment..."

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