In search of Ray Fenwick

So, it seems I have been searching for a man I have never met and never even knew existed: Ray Fenwick. That may sound a little weird, so let me back up and explain...
Sometime back, I feel completely head over heals for this image. It is hysterical. Imagine it on a very feminine garment, maybe with a little lace and printed a little smaller. WHARRGH! UGH. SLICE. HURRAH! How can you not laugh?

Being a commercial textile designer, it goes without saying that I see a lot of patterns in my line of work and it can be darn hard to impress me, but this one sure did. Knocked my socks off in fact. Time passed and I became obsessed: WHERE had I found the image? And even more, WHO had created it? I was at a lost and yet it had become so much apart of my day-to day life. It made me happy and no one I asked knew the answer. (It was sad.)

Time passed and then yesterday, thumbing through the book Over & Over (a book I thought I knew, but OBVIOUSLY didn't), I found my answer: Ray Fenwick! The print covered 2 pages in a different colorway, but there it was! Nearly jumped out of my skin!

I feel more complete knowing who had created the image that brought me so many laughs.

Be sure to check out more of his artwork, he's got a great sense of humor. My favorite are the small moments that occur in the patterns, graphics and posters - all straight to the point without too many words. Ray Fenwick, it is nice to finally met you. Thanks for making me laugh so much.

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