Gem Sweater Lady

So, sometimes you just assume that EVERYONE has been exposed to all the same stuff you have, especially when you have a lot in common. But then, in middle of a conversation, you realize the person you are talking with SOME HOW hasn't. In just that breath everything STOPS. "How could anyone miss the Gem Sweater Lady???" I was stumped.

Just in case you too SOME HOW missed that email from your friend with the link for the Gem Sweater Museum or perhaps this Leslie and the Lys' video (shown below) - you have now been exposed. Both are outrageous, hilarious and a bit confusing.

Perhaps you're in the know, but when was the last time you looked at the gem sweaters? My, how the collection has grown! With no further delay, I introduce to you Leslie Hall, the Gem Sweater Lady.

Self declared “Keeper of the Gems”, Leslie takes her collection very seriously. Each sweater is given a name and now there in a Mobile Gem Sweater Museum. Check out her band’s website, Leslie and the Lys, to see when the museum rolls into your town.

Just in time for the holidays! Get your Gem on.


Absolutely Small said...

Yay! I love Leslie Hall. She's just awesome.
I met you at the Bird Show in Sacramento, by the way, and thought I'd finally stop by and say hi. Hi.

head-lint said...

Too funny: emailing you was on my "to do list" today. Thanks for reaching out. My friend is obviously a HUGE fan, so it was extra fun meeting you with her and seeing her face light up as she spoke. How did the evening show do for you?